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We welcome you all. Think Positive, Think Etosha Gardens

Who are we?

Our History

Etosha Gardens is the remainder of Lot 1 Of Subdivision A Of Galway Estates, located in Ruwa area. It was only in 2016 when the decision was made to convert the farm into a cemetery.

A permit was dully granted by the Goromonzi Rural District Council on 18th of October 2017. Since then, preparations have been underway to develop an up-market private cemetery which will rival the best in the country.


Our operations started on the 1st of January 2021 and have gained a competitive advantage over others in the same industry with us. We are open to serve the Middle and High-Income groups of different race and culture.

We are a fairly new cemetery and constantly developing the area to suit your needs. We are here to support each family to bid farewell to their departed loved ones in the most compassionate manner.

More Info

As Etosha Gardens, we are here to give memorable burial plots to our departed loved ones, and with your help we can engrave their memories so that the future generation know about their family heritage.

Our Aims

  • Demystify death
  • To be the number one in this business
  • To meet the standards looked for by our clients
  • To provide comfort and relief
  • We make Etosha Gardens an ultimate destination of choice.

Our Motto

Think Positive, Think Etosha Gardens.

History rests here at Etosha Gardens, in a place we vow to keep safely and very much alive. There is no better place to preserve your family history than here at Etosha Gardens.


We define ourself as a sanctuary for memorials that create a source of comfort to the living by providing a final resting place for the loved ones we lost and by reuniting families.

Positivity is a choice, and happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts. And we have every reason to say, "Think positive, think Etosha Gardens"

We make Etosha Gardens an ultimate destination of choice.

Our Promise

Etosha Gardens promises to provides high quality burial space with upmarket land scapping, hence creating a better place where one can bury their loved ones with the confidence that their soul and remains will rest in peace and a place where one is happy to return and commune with the dearly departed.

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Business Working Hours

Monday- Friday 08:00am-17:00pm

Saturday- Sunday 08:00am-15:00pm

Terms & Conditions

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